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New fic~

                 A dad watch the driver brings out a luggage from the luxurious car’s trunk and tells her daughter, “If you need anything, just give phone call to Mr. Iwai. He will manage it for you.”

                “You don’t have to worry about that. The reason why I want to stay in this share house is because I need some space for myself.” Say that girl coldly before pull her luggage to walk into the house.

                As the luxurious car speed off, a girl who has headphones rest at her neck notice that and says, “Wow! That car is totally cool!”

                “Hey! This is your last box!” her brother gives the last box to her and her stumble a bit because of the sudden weight.

                “Watch it! Things in here really delicate!” she almost shouts to her brother.

                “Don’t call mom in the middle of night just because you’re homesick.” Her brother remind that to her as he get into the car.

                “I don’t have time for that. Just tell her that I will try to call or send mail to her when I get time.” say that girl. She waves to people inside the car as watch it disappear from her sight and walk into the house.

                She struggle a bit to carry the box inside and almost hit someone on the way. That someone seems like her new housemate that look really kind as he says, “Just let guy to do hard labour.”

                “Thanks for helping. My brother totally says that I’m quite strong for a girl to do this kind of thing.” Say that headphones girl.

                “I only use to do this because my parent always remind me that guy need to treat girl really nice because they are fragile.” Say that kind guy.

                The headphones girl opens the door to let the kind guy walk in first and they notice that cold girl inside the house that make she says, “It seem three of us will be housemate from today.”

                “There will be another member that joins this house.” say that kind guy.

                Another guy walk into the house and three of them could see clearly that he is an overseas student when hear he says in someone weird accent, “This house really nice!”

                That weird accent guy notices them and says, “Nice to meet all of you! I’m…”

                “Let’s do the introduction after we put our things inside our rooms.” The headphones girl take the box from the kind guy and tell him, “Thanks for helping. I think I will be okay from here. I will return to living room after I put this at my room.”

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