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Cast: Rin Walker X Yamada Ryosuke, Cast of Star Tobbi...

Summary: What is actually the real feeling of Rin towards Ryosuke? See Hoshiko girls get into action again...

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                Karina secretly follows the girl that she challenge, Kimi to the audition. That audition is actually made by her friend, Hazuki who happen to be director for the drama. Even he still white in that industry, everyone believes in his ability to do it. She wonder why she has to sit at judges’ table even she already looks different with help of that guy. She asks, “Why I’m here?”

                “Actually, that place should be for my fiancée who happen to be the one who write the script but she can’t come because of high fever and in hospital right now. She really sad because she can’t join today’s audition even she already waits for this day. She put the trust on you as you have read it before.” Say Hazuki while push Karina to her seat and somehow hurt her a bit.

                Karina push him off before fix the long brown wig on her head and says, “Your fiancée and Ichirou just the same. Always make me reading everything over and over.”

                “Hey! It’s luck that we put your nickname on it.” Say Hazuki. He gives the things that will be need for the audition. Karina only checks it briefly as she actually really tired after finish shooting for a promotion of her new show.

                The audition begin when everyone’s ready but Karina already act like a traditional people with her kimono and act graceful, something that people never think when come to her. She could see no one suitable for the role that they’re looking. At the end, she tells Hazuki, “Pick the last girl as it show in her profile that she lives in countryside for long time. That could make easier for her to act the role.”

                At the end of it, Kimi doesn’t get to land the role and look really angry at that moment. She rushes to the table before shout, “I should be the one that get the role. Why you choose that country bumpkin to get the role?”

                Karina stands up before says, “You know nothing about being Yamato Nadeshiko! It not as easy as counting numbers! We choose her because she really suit for it!”

                Kimi take the glass before throw the water to Karina that make her wig off. She realizes it, “It’s you! You really want to destroy my life!”

                Karina takes tissue to wipe the liquid from her face without say anything. When she finishes wipe her face, “I won’t try to destroy it if you work hard for it. You really arrogant with other people.”

                Kimi rise up her hand to slap Karina’s face but a force stop her hand. Karina notice the hand that stops it is Rin’s hand. She pushes Kimi to the ground and asks, “You think you can slap Karina-chan with your filthy hand? I don’t think so.”

                “Who are you?” ask Kimi.

                “You should remember your senpai, at least.” Say Reika who arrive there. Both of them pull Kimi’s hand to leave the place but manage to tell Karina, “Come to their lounge when you finish things here.”

                “Okay.” Karina just replies that as she still has to manage things there. For sure, everyone really confuse on what happen there.


                Kimi still wonder what is happening to her as she being corner by two of her senpai. For the jimusho, Hoshiko is like a legend with their achievement before disbandment. She tries to ask, “Where we’re going?”

                Rin reply in cold manner, “You will know it soon.” It could see how dark aura already surrounds that girl.

                Kimi already shrink as she knows that she’s in deep trouble at the moment. She has heard warning that never looks for trouble with Rin. At the front, she notices someone familiar but the shades really conceal the person’s identity. The person turns to back to greet her, “You should know that you’re in deep trouble right now, kouhai-chan.”

                “Mariko-chan, you know that you only scared her.” Say Reika.

                Rin check her phone before says, “Sara-chan will join us as soon she arrive here.”

                “That girl really lucky as her father actually owns a private plane. She can use it freely without care of getting ticket anymore.” Say Reika.

                Mariko says, “Her family’s company way bigger than my dad’s jimusho.”

                “Ah! I should help Karina-chan manage the mess there! She must in deep trouble right now!” groan Rin while she messes up her hair but Mariko only says that girl will be okay.

                Without Karina realize it, the other four already talk about what happen after Reika tell them about it. Karina can’t join their conversation for several days as she really busy with her works with those girls and also her solo projects. That’s mean she doesn’t know what they plan for the day.


                Karina drives her car to jimusho even she still wonder how they could know about the audition. She already asks Hazuki but it seems that guy also surprise with the sudden appearance. She parks her car at usual place and notice Keito and Ryosuke also there. She asks, “What are both of you doing here?”

                “Oh!” Ryosuke surprise to see Karina before give reply, “Keito bring me here as I can’t meet Rin-chan since few days ago. He tells me that she could be here.”

                Karina understand how Keito know how to go there and even park at hidden place as he has send her for several times before. She just show the way to the boys as she knows where Rin will be at that time. It’s not weird to see Johnny’s Talents there as it already occur for several times before.  She arrive in front of the room before says, “I think I should advice that you should wait here for awhile. You never know what is going on inside here.”

                Keito understand about it and says, “Of course, take your time for it.”

                Karina walks into the room to see gloom atmosphere in there. She carefully close the door before asks, “Something happen here?”

                “Of course they feel down right now because they’re losing bet with you. Now, they can’t debut as soon as they think.” Mock Rin while cross her arms.

                Reika says, “At least, they learn something today; never make bet with you as you will always win.”

                “You would never make a bet unless you know that you’re winning.” Say Rin. She adds, “But I feel really nice that you didn’t give name to them yet as they never deserve a name! They are suit to become prostitute at streets!”

                “Wow, Rin-chan. Calm down.” Sara tries to put Rin at ease. Karina already relaxes herself at one corner as she really tired and totally forgets the boys at outside.

                It seem Ryosuke can’t stand outside that make him walk into the room before says, “Karina, if you’re taking too long, we will
wait you at cafeteria.”

                One of the girls, Manami run to hug Ryosuke when notice him while saying in crazy fangirl mode, “Kya! What are you doing here?”

                Rin emits more dark aura from her when watch everything. She knows Ryosuke will try to avoid that kind of sudden skinship but she feel really jealous to see it. She warn Manami, “Get off from him, you bitch!”

                Ryosuke quickly make distance and tell Rin, “I was here to meet you as I can’t see you at usual place. So, I think I can see you here.” Reika and Sara in swift motion, hold Rin before that girl lose control.

                Karina quickly says, “Ryosuke-kun, I think it is better for you and Keito-kun wait at cafeteria. We take time to handle things here.”

                When the guys are not around, Rin get herself escape from the grab of those girls and says, “No one would be with bitch like you! Remember that!”

                “Hey! I’m not like her…” Manami refers to Karina, “…get involve in love scandal and become the one that destroy everything that all of you has work for.”

                Karina begin shake up when that matter come out that make her thinks it is her fault again. Sara runs to hug and comfort her down. Rin hides her best friend behind her before says, “She is not the one who destroy it. We have our own reasons on why we make that decision. Bitch like you won’t understand anything. Even we’re not like we’re used before but we found our way to get what we want to do.”

                “I want to take fresh air for few minutes.” Say Karina before leave the room. Everyone could see her face really pale at that moment and only hope everything would be just fine as they know she wants to be alone.

                Rin scold them, “You girls know nothing on how hard she works hard not for herself but for us. You think it is easy to handle more than one job while having weak body.”

                Suddenly, Mimi and Fukuyo walk into the room. Sara asks, “Both of you also here?”

                “Sara-senpai, you’re here! I thought you still at Seoul!” say Mimi.

                Sara happily says, “I’m here because I want to check what kind of girls that manage to make Karina-chan’s life in mess.”

                “We also really surprise to hear about that as Karina-chan really generous with us before we debut.” Say Mimi.

                Fukuyo proudly says, “Karina-senpai and everyone is the one that break the tradition that we never get well with other group in this jimusho. We really happy when we get learn many things from them. If not because of them, GoDream may not be like who we are nowadays.”

                “You may think they are only failure because their group get disbandment but we know the bond as Hoshiko is stronger.” Say Mimi.
                Rin say in loud voice, “If you really think you want to become idol group better than us, change your attitude. You can act arrogant like Mariko-chan, unique like Sara-chan, or even enjoy whatever you want to do like Reika-chan but remember, idols only get their jobs when they have support from people around them and also their fans. Never underestimate whatever people who watch you.”

                Reika claps her hand to get attention from the girls, “You hear everything, right? This matter also come with bad news. The management already make decision that only 5 girls that will choose to next debut.”

                “Why?” one of them ask but Reika can’t give any reply got that as she knows nothing about it. She even hide who will choose them as they will do it without the girls realize it. She will only let the time decide everything for those girls.


                Rin walks to cafeteria as she has to meet with Ryosuke. She wonder why that guy want to meet her. She tries really hard to forget on what happen in that room. She really surprise to see Karina is with them when he reach there and somehow she in middle of enjoying her donuts.

                “You’re here? I thought you would be at somewhere else.” Say Rin as she take seat at their table.

                Karina chuckles, “Actually, I plan to go rooftop to relax myself there but I’m suddenly craving for sweet things. That’s why I come here and they have these delicious donuts that I can’t resist.”

                Rin somehow surprise to see that girl’s action as she already predict she will be depress but she happy to see that girl just be herself. She turn to Ryosuke, “Why you want to meet me?”

                “Nothing, it just weird when we didn’t meet or mail. I worry if something happen to you.” Say Ryosuke that only cause wolf-whistle from the couple. He quickly scold them, “Urusai!”

                Not far from there, Harada could watch closeness between Rin with Ryosuke. He begin worry if there will be another scandal will happen again. He watches how Karina jump towards Rin to hug that girl while ruffle her hair happily.

                Karina return back to her seat when Keito pull her hand. She says, “I want to manage those things as soon as possible.” She take another bite of her donuts before pout as she really tired with everything.

                When Karina finish her portion, Keito throws his car key to Ryosuke, “Use this when you want to leave. It would be better than you just walk away.”

                “How about you?” ask Ryosuke when think what his friend will use to leave the place. From what he heard, it seem hard to
leave that jimusho without cause suspicious when just walk out without any vehicle.

                Karina show her car key while saying, “He will use mine as today we have date to Chiba. I always want to go there to relax.”

                “Both of you have off days?” Ask Rin.

                Karina leave out sigh that make Keito reply on her behalf, “She only has one off-day but we only go there for one-day as Karina really want to see sea. She really need something to relax or she will end up at hospital again.”


                Ryosuke and Rin leave the building first as Keito has to wait for Karina to manage something before leave. Rin amazes to see Keito’s car, “Wow, I never think he would have such a really nice car. It totally different from Karina-chan’s car.”

                “I heard it is present from his father as he doesn’t want his son keep using his son’s lover’s car.” Ryosuke hears about it from trustable resource within the jimusho.

                Rin says, “It really hard to believe that could happen. She keep complain to me that she keep get warn by your jimusho about not to post anything that involve Keito on SNS.”

                “That’s for sure as our jimusho really strict about that matter.” Say Ryosuke. They talk about many things while on the way to kill the boredom.

                She feel really happy to spend time with Ryosuke as she could feel everything disappear except both of them. She get used with his presence where they always together doing many things. She remember something, “Is your big snow globe already done?”

                “I still have not enough time to do that. Ah! I remember something. My mom ask me to give something for you and I have it at my house.” Say Ryosuke.

                Rin smiles when remember the warmth that his mom gave to her. She has spent time with them for several times that make her really treasure that moment. She mumble, “It feel really nice to have family ne~!”

                “If you want to meet them, you’re always welcome. My mom really enjoy your presence there and my sister keep asking when you will come again.” Say Ryosuke.

                Rin casually says, “I know about that as your sister is my mail-friend. I promise her that I will go meet her when I get enough time to spend time with her.”

                “Why I never know that?” Ryosuke really surprise to hear that as his sister never say anything to him about mail-friend before this. He get pang of jealous when realize the fact that his sister closer than him. Rin only says that they hide it really well from him.

                When reach at the destination, Ryosuke in reflex pull Rin into kiss before says, “You can go first as I have to send this car back first. It’s lucky that Kenichi-san at home right now.”

                “Okay…” Rin opens the door but her mind still confuse on what happen, “I will go first.” She still could feel warmth on her lips even after she get into her house and make her wonder what is happen.


                Harada really surprise when Karina and Keito meet him when he just finish meeting. He asks, “What do both of you want?”

                “I know you’re worry about Rin-chan and Ryosuke but I want you to believe her.” Say Karina, like she already read his mind.

                Harada quickly says, “I only want her to find what that can make her happy in her life.”

                “You can watch and protect her from danger. I know you worry about your niece as she is everything to you.” Say Keito. He knows about the relationship between Rin and her manager after heard it from Karina.

                Harada’s eyes become wide to hear that, “I just afraid if same thing will happen to her. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore.”

                Karina suddenly whine, “Wah, I really jealous with Rin-chan! She has such a great uncle that willing to become her manager! It feel really nice to have such a great guardian!” Harada and Keito exchange glance before let out tiny laugh as they forget how carefree that girl and it always help them even in weird way.
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