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Cast: Nagase Mariko (Vocalist), Rin Walker (Guitarist), Kuzuryu Karina (Bass player), Minami Reika (Drummer), Song Sara (Keyboard), JUMP, JE Talent, etc...

Summary: Time for them to be together as a group become limited.

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                The girls visit Bara who is waiting in a room before the wedding. Karina happily says, “Wow, you look beautiful in it. It totally looks different from the one that I saw at boutique.”

                Bara giggles before says, “I make a bit changes for it to fit the theme.”

                The girls talk with each other for a while before Karina excuses herself to check on her brother. She really surprise to see JUMP also there and she could see Keito blush a bit to see her dress; light blue tulle dress with high heels. She asks Keito, “Like what you see?”

                Keito want to say something but Hikaru quickly goes between them and says, “Don’t ever think about anything you want to do to her. Even I and her brother agree with your relationship, it doesn’t mean you can do anything with her.”

                “Hikka-teeth-bro, you worry over something weird.” Say Karina over his shoulder.

                Hikaru turn to face Karina and grab her shoulder, “I don’t want you to get pregnant early especially when you will live alone in that house. I will check your house every day to ensure he’s not there and do anything pervert to you.”

                “Hikka-teeth-bro~! Don’t make me keep kawaii cat in my house to ensure you won’t get in my house.” Threat Karina in cold tone that totally makes Hikaru gasps to hear it.

                Nobuhiko says, “If Keito really make our sister pregnant early, I give permission to you to break his bone, Hikaru.”

                “I like your idea.” Say Hikaru that come with his fang smile.

                Karina quickly put stop on that topic, “Nobu-nii, you better begin nervous as you will get married in seconds. You better don’t shutter while saying your vow.”

                Nobuhiko surprise to hear it and whine, “You should help me to overcome my nervous not make it worse.”

                “Just think it as payback for give permission to Hikka-teeth-bro to break Keito’s bone. Maa… good luck for it. I will leave you as I don’t want my beloved brother to get more nervous than right now before his ceremony.” Say Karina before walk away from the room.


                Karina greets her relatives that come for the wedding ceremony and she really happy that her brother meet his soul mate. Mana notice her and give hug before says, “It really hard to believe Nobuhiko will get married. Does the girl that he married to is nice person?”

                Karina remembers this would be the first time Nobuhiko show Bara to everyone except for their aunt. She smiles before says, “That girl that Nobu-nii choose is the best girl for him. If she is not suit for him, I won’t approve his relationship with that girl.”

                “We believe in your taste.” Say Mana.

                The ceremony goes smoothly and everyone wish for the couple’s happiness. Karina takes her seat beside Keito and hears he says, “It is really great ceremony.”

                “Yeah! It really great. I still can believe my brother actually could manage the ceremony.” say Karina. Both of them hold each other hand as Keito could see tears at the girl’s eyes.

                When come to reception, Mana meet Keito while Karina help Bara on something, “Thanks for always support Karina-chan.”

                “See her smile make me happy and I really want to see it more.” Reply Keito.

                Mana look around to ensure Karina is not around them, “I’m sure you already know what happen to her group, right?” Keito nods, “I need your help to look after Karina. She’s actually break apart inside herself but put up strong mask at outside. I know you could do it because you’re her lover.”

                “I will make sure she’s okay until she could move on.” Say Keito.

                Karina gets near them and notice those two people talk about something serious before try to ask, “What are both of you are talking about?”

                “We’re talking bad things about you.” Joke Mana. Karina whines like little kids that bring laughter to everyone who watch them.


                After the event end, everyone return back to their houses while Karina decides to relax at the garden.  She takes off her high heels after take her seat on a bench not far from there. She already makes sure everything already been clean as the newly-wed already leave for their honeymoon. She already informs her members that she won’t return home as she will go straight to Osaka as she has shooting there.

                “You should remember that night breeze just too cold for you especially when you’re wearing that thin clothes.” A voice interrupts her thought.

                She turn to see it is Keito that make he asks, “Why you still here? I thought you have worked tomorrow morning and it already late right now.”

                Keito seem sad to hear it, “It seem you forget that we have same work tomorrow and already agree to go together.”

                “Ah!” Karina totally forgets about it, “It seems I really busy until forget about it.”

                Keito take seat beside her and asks, “Still worry about that? You’re idol and I’m sure you don’t want to make your fans worry about you, right?”

                “I just worry over other things…” Karina makes worried face, “…I haven’t packed my things yet and I’m lazy to do it.”

                Keito shock to hear it but only manage to let out chuckles and pat her head gently, “You’re really carefree girl.” Karina smile to him before snuggle to make herself comfortable. Both of them go to Osaka by using Karina’s car since there are no train run at that time.


                Harada check the girls on the next morning… well, it already evening actually while brings lunch for them. He knows the girls will wake up late because of yesterday. He notice the girls spread out at living room except no present of Karina. He knows that girl has first scene shooting at Osaka for her drama with Keito.

                Reika notice Harada and ask while rub her eyes, “Harada-san, why you’re here?”

                “I know you girls will wake up late and may not eat anything yet. I’m here while bring food for you and also I want to brief to all of you about PV for the song.” Say Harada.

                The girls wake up and clean themselves in their rooms while Harada serve food for them. The girls enjoy their food and hear their manager says, “The shooting will be next month as that is involved separate solo shots at different places and band shot. For solo shot, each of you will wear different costumes; Mariko-chan will wear Kimono to show Yamato Nadeshiko spirit and perform ikebana, Rin-chan will wear cool style and she will look over people, Reika-chan will get casual look as she will play with kids, Sara-chan will show high class ojou-sama style to show elegance vibe, and Karina-chan will wear wedding dress."

                "Eh?! She will wear that? Is she tried to say that she will get marry soon?” Reika make assumption.

                Harada shook to deny it, “We’re sure none of you would want to wear wedding dress for the PV and she just volunteer for that.” He throws question, “If Karina-chan doesn’t want to wear wedding dress, will any of you want to wear it?”

                No one give reply as they know that matter really hard for them. Rin says, “She always does that ne…”

                “This PV will be the greatest PV ever!” declare Sara happily. She does the high-five with Reika before both of them celebrate together. Others just amuse to watch them as that is usual things when they being told that new PV will be shoot soon.


                “Cut! 15-minute set change!” shout the director. Karina and Keito get to their seats to relax. Karina takes her drinking bottle and quietly sips while check the script that clearly shows she really worries on that day’s scene.

                “Both of you! That meeting scene really great. Does it reflect your first meeting?” ask their co-cast, Remi.

                Karina can’t listen to it since she already wear her earphone where the loud songs being play while Keito chuckles when remember it. He says, “Our first meeting not really nice. I got throw by her best friend that really protective towards her. It not easy to get her as she has many protective people around her.”

                “Throw? That sound really hurt.” Say Remi. They turn to Karina and surprise to see that girl already doze off, like little kid who tired after play all day. She seem unstable to sleep in that position as she keep scoot around. Keito pull her head to rest on his shoulder that make Remi says, “Wah, it make me want to have great lover like you too.”

                “You will found someone that really loves you soon.” Say Keito.

                Kiriko walk near them and put blanket on Karina’s body to avoid the cold. She leaves out sigh as her life become a bit chaos when she becomes Karina’s solo manager. That girl really hard to keep up unless you’re ready to collapse at the end of the day but she always gives break while she’s working.

                Karina only wake up when her phone suddenly ringing. She grumble after check the mail, “It just a spam.” She look around before asks, “I sleep too long?”

                “Not really.” Say Keito.


                Reika and Sara go out to make some shopping to kill time as no work when their schedule has to match with Karina. They get into cake shop that own by Nobuhiko as they suddenly want to eat sweets things. Even the owner is out for honeymoon, the workers still there to open the shop. The girls surprise to see Daiki and Yuya happen to be there, enjoy their portion.

                Reika greet them, “Both of you are here for date?”

                “Of course no! We want to try cake here as Hikaru won’t stop talking about this shop.” says Yuya.

                Daiki ask, “How about both of you? You girls come here because Karina won’t stop talking about it.”

                “Not really.” Reply Sara. Reika adds, “We always eat it because Karina-chan always brings back home. Almost every week…”

                “Mind to join us?” offer Yuya. They share a table and spend time there without worry of anything. No one would care if they close after what happen to Karina and Keito as those two groups always work together.

                “Ne, I heard Hoshiko will have new single.” Daiki really curious about that.

                “Yeah, that will be our last single as Hoshiko.” Say Reika in sad tone.

                Daiki tries to apologize after get smack from Yuya but Sara says, “It can’t be helped as all of us can’t avoid the circumstances that happen. Like me, I have to go back Seoul to take care of my dad as he really needs my attention.”

                “I will become trainer after I realize it really fun to do when I train GoDream. I want to train better idol for next generation.” Say Reika. The boys give their support to the girls that make them really happy at that moment.


                Mariko surprise to meet Hikaru when she in middle of shopping for present. She wants to buy something for her mom who already discharges from hospital. She asks, “What are you doing here?”

                “I’m here to buy things that are interesting.” Reply Hikaru casually.

                Mariko try to leave Hikaru alone but that guy keeps following her. She annoy with it and ask, “What do you want, Yaotome Hikaru?”

                “I already heard about what happen…” Hikaru try to take peek on Mariko’s face, “Are you okay?”

                Mariko put up her strong mask, “Of course, I’m okay. I won’t have to hear Karina-chan’s nag anymore about anything. She’s really noisy but…” her tears drop at that moment when imagine what will happen in the future.

                Hikaru take off his cap before place it on Mariko’s head to cover her face. He says, “Even you always act like you don’t like her but your heart say the otherwise.”

                “I only want Hoshiko stay as Hoshiko.” Cries Mariko. It just lucky that no one notice them as they literally at corner that a bit hidden from outside.

                Hikaru gently pat her head before says, “Treasure everything that you will do with them until the end. That’s how idol should do. We work to bring hope to everyone that watches us. Show to them that you’re strong even with what happen.”

                After Mariko calm down, she asks, “Why you always nice with me? Even I always rude with you.”

                “I always watch you and know how you love your group despite you always say you hate them. You may not realize it but I always see you seek for affection when you’re alone. When you on stage, you always make telepathy with everyone including your members to let everyone who watch you enjoy what they want. That spirit that you show always impresses me.” Say Hikaru. He turns his face to other place as he could feel blood rush to his face. He cough a bit before says, “Let’s choose what you want to buy and let’s leave here.”

                For some reason, Hikaru also pay for what she chooses before leave the shop together. In their mind, they only want to walk
away from that shop before anyone could sense anything happen between them.


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