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Pairing: Rin Walker X Yamada Ryosuke

Summary: It begin as manager then...?

                Karina pulls Rin’s hand to some place when she already has her own plan after school end. She says, “Rin-chan, onegai! Please help me today!”

                “Why it have to be me?” Rin asks while try to search for chance to escape.

                “I have to take over soccer team’s manager’s task for this week and I can’t do it alone. You know how bad-tempered me when come to noise of fan girls, right?” say Karina.

                Rin somehow understand it as she knows that girl is manager for basketball team where her lover is in and she always watch how Karina make various things to avoid any fan girls come to watch the practices and only allow limited number for them to watch the match. She realize what is mean by that girl before says, “There is no way I can do that as I also short-tempered.”

                “You can use this chance to scold the girls without scared of anything. I already get permission from their coach.” Say Karina happily.

                Both of them arrive at the soccer club room and could hear the members still in middle of discussion. Rin curious over something and ask, “Why you have to take over the task when they can have their own manager? They don’t have to go through trouble to ask basketball manager to do it, right?”

                “The previous manager make trouble with the Ace and Sakurai-sensei really in rage with her and fire her. You know how strict he is when come to trouble, right? Then, he talk with Aiba-sensei that make them come out with decision that I will take over for a week as basketball team don’t have any practice or match for the week.” Explain Karina with frown. She already plan that she can go out for date early than usual with her lover.

                The door open to see the soccer team’s coach, Sakurai that ask them, “Why you girls here?”

                “I’m here because Aiba-sensei told me so and she’s here with me.” Say Karina in calm tone. Rin hardly calm down as Sakurai is the popular sensei with his strictness without any mercy especially when come to education.

                Sakurai smiles to know that and says, “Good that both of you already here. I hope you won’t make trouble here. I agree with him because I heard from them how you could make the fan girls disturb the practice. We have not much time before the friendly match.”

                “I’m aware about that as I already read everything and I think you know that I have match date for all sport teams in this school.” Say Karina as she show her blue notebook that being decorated with cat stickers.

                Sakurai really impressive to hear than and explain their tasks while let the boys get to field. Rin surprise to see boyish smile on that scary sensei on that day. She helps Karina to bring drinking bottles as it is big and a lot of it. It is her first time to watch soccer team’s practice as she never care about it.

                “Wow, that really far to make goal kick.” Say Rin when notice the ace of the team, Ryosuke make such a far kick to goalpost.

                Karina casually says, “That’s why he is the ace. Our soccer team has great reputation thanks to him. We never have good reputation before he join the team. That soccer maniac really did his games.”

                “That soccer maniac?” Rin curious to hear that term as it clearly show how close her best friend with that so-called soccer maniac.

                Karina tells something that really give big surprise to her, “He is my twin-brother? Ah! I never tell you that? Surprise?”

                “Of course surprise and you never tell me about it. Even your surname is different with him.” Rin state the truths. She thinks no one ever know about that matter.

                “You know that we lose our parent when we were babies, right? Both grandparents take care of us. He with our dad’s grandparent and bear Yamada’s name while me with our mom’s grandparent and bear Kuzuryu’s name. We used to spend time together but always create distance at school as I don’t want to get in trouble because of him.” Explain Karina in really calm tone.

                “But don’t you feel weird when one of his fan girls get married with him in future?” ask Rin.

                “That would be impossible!” say Karina while shook her head.

                Suddenly, a soccer ball fly towards Rin in fast speed but some kind of force pull her away from become target. She really surprise when it is Ryosuke who pull her before scold his team, “Hey! Careful where you want to kick the ball!”

                “Yabai! Yamada-kun is scolding us~! It scary but kakkoi!” one of the member, Ebisawa imitation the way fan girls will act that bring laughter to everyone there.

                “WHO IS THE HELL WHO KICK THIS BALL?” it seem that fast kick hit hard on Karina’s head. Ryosuke pull Rin aside when notice that angry girl just walk forward without have any intention to avoid anyone on the way.

                Rin slightly surprise with that sudden contact and asks, “Why you pull me?”

                “You will only get hurt if you stay there just now. That girl ready to kill anyone who on her way.” Say Ryosuke. They watch Karina hit the ball back to Ebisawa when find out who is the culprit and it somehow create some damage there.


                “AH! I’m tired! Can I just roll on the ground until I reach home?” Rin really surprise with Karina’s thinking when both of them get ready to leave the school compound.

                She says, “You can’t do that as it will only cause accident.” She realize her best friend already fall asleep on the bench.

                She thinks any possible solution and try to make phone call to Keito but no one answer it. She knows she has to figure out something fast and remember about the talk. She searches for Ryosuke and found him, “You’re still here! I need your help.”

                Ryosuke just agree as he can sense what kind of help. He just piggy-back that sleeping girl while Rin help to bring the bags. Rin says, “Thank you so much. I almost lose hope when I can’t contact Keiti just now.”

                “Maybe he is sleeping at home right now or he left his phone somewhere.” Say Ryosuke. He is best friend of Keito and fans always say that both of them always clash in many thing just because their similar taste.

                Both of them reach at the house that Karina and Keito stay together. Keito seem doing something at living room and surprise to see they arrive there. He says, “You can make phone call to me to fetch her.”

                “You didn’t pick up your phone call.” Say Ryosuke. Keito let them get into the house and watch Ryosuke place Karina on the couch. Rin really surprise to see how Karina could sleep like little kids without any disturbance.

                Keito goes to kitchen to serve drink for both of the guests. He says, “I don’t realize that my phone’s battery already die.”

                “That happen you keep playing game in class. You’re lucky you great in English that make you get privilege in his class.” Say Ryosuke. They decide to relax there for a while to talk about many things.

                Karina wake up few minutes after that and casually says, “Ah~! I sleep really well.”

                “You should thank me as it really heavy to bring you all way home.” say Ryosuke.

                “Just think it’s as training and everything will be fine. As thanks, stay here for dinner as I will prepare something for us.” Say Karina.


                Rin helps Karina at kitchen while the boys play video game on TV. She could hear her best friend mutter, “Both of them only think game in their head.”

                “Yamada-kun always come here?” ask Rin while toss water from the vegetable.

                “Yeah, he lives alone right now and come here when he want some company. Sometimes, he stays overnight here. Seriously, he can just move here as we have extra room but he says that he want to live alone.” Say Karina.

                Rin really surprise to hear that as she always see him with someone and think that boy will feel lonely when he is so popular in their school. She wonder about that until hear Karina snaps her out, “Hey! You don’t have to wash that veggie too long.”

                “Gomen, I’m just thinking something.” Say Rin.

                After few hours, the dinner is ready and Karina says in mother-tone, “Hey! Just play that game and take your dinner! Do it now before I throw you games out of window!”

                The boys just reluctantly close the game even them already at the best part. Rin chuckles to see it, “You really look like a mom with two game-maniac sons.”

                “They won’t move their butt if I didn’t threat them.” say Karina.

                They enjoy their dinner and Rin could feel warmth at that moment, something that she never feel before. Even people think she come from perfect family, it just mask to the public where she never know the true meaning of family. She really enjoy the dinner and mutter while help in dong dishes, “It really give feeling as a family…”

                Karina looks at her as she think she hears that girl say something but when she ask, Rin just brush it off. She could only tilt her head that only last for few seconds before continue her task. Ryosuke appear at kitchen to say, “Hey! It’s already late right now. I will send you back.”

                “I can go back by myself.” Say Rin but Karina quickly cut-in, “No, he will send you back. That would be better or I will worry about your safety all-night.”


                “Gomen ne, Karina-chan just really worry about you. She doesn’t want anything happen to you. That accident really give huge impact to her even we we’re just babies at that moment.” say Ryosuke while they walk back home.

                Rin could remember on how worry face that Karina make when they want to leave the house. It take few minutes for Keito to ensure her that everything will be just fine as Ryosuke is around. She says, “I never know she would have such a life that make her like that nowadays.”

                “How about you?” ask Ryosuke.

                Rin doesn’t why she could easily tell him but couldn’t stop herself, “Even I have a pair of parent and siblings, they only care about their own business and I never get time to spend doing something with them.”

                “You must really lonely… that really hard to handle. Me too but I always crash at that baka couple’s place.” Say Ryosuke.

                Rin asks, “Why don’t you just hang-out with those who want to be with you?”

                “Nah! I prefer to be around someone who willing treat me just someone that has normal life. Don’t you feel suffocate when you have to act as a certain people just to let people accept you and not bash you?” says Ryosuke.

                They pass by a playground and Rin says, “I used to play here alone as no one want to accompany me.”

                “You can join us if you need some company as that is what I always do and they never argue about it. We just some people that never learn what is mean by family.” say Ryosuke.

                Both of them reach at a big house, Rin says, “This is where I live. Thanks for sending me here.”

                “As long both of us are safe, it would be the best. Get good rest tonight as you will have long day tomorrow.” Say Ryosuke before walk away from the place. Somehow, Rin wonder why he would send her there when that only make his way to back to his house is longer than it supposed to be.

                She walk into the house to see it really quiet to show that no one at home. She get into her room with really empty feeling inside her. She throw herself to the bed while thinking about many things in her mind as everything happen in just one day.


                The day just go like usual, go to class and fooling around with her best friend until come to club time. She’s late to go there as she has to send workbooks to the sensei first. While on the way there, a group of girls that she knows as Ryosuke’s hard-die-fans, block her way. She says, “I don’t have time to mess up with you right now.”

                “How dare you close with Yamada-kun when know he is our prince?” ask one of them.

                Rin really annoy to hear that as she never been one of so-called fans. She says in stern tone, “I never want to know or even care about any of your thinking about that matter as I only do my task as co-manager with my friend.”

                “You should tell your friend that stop being bitch. What? It’s not enough to have Okamoto-kun as her lover and now, want to make Yamada-kun is hers.” Say the second girl that really piss-off Rin and in seconds, that girl already on floor, groan in pain with red mark on one of her cheek.

                She pulls that girl by collar before say in cold tone, “I don’t care if you want to bad-mouth about me but if you do that to Karina-chan… I will make sure that your fake beautiful face will only show your real ugly.”

                “Jealous is always a bitch ne~~! It show how ugly we’re in reality.” A voice interrupt them and Rin could see it is Karina with bat in her hand. She knows something bad will happen as that bat is Karina’s favourite item when she’s in bad mood.

                Karina make slow step to the unlucky girl while drag the metal bat and make move to hit that girl on head but miss by width of hair. She say in mock tone, “Oh! I’m sorry that I miss your head!” she bend lower to give warn, “Don’t you ever dare to harm anyone that close with me or I will make it worse even it cost my freedom.”

                She turns to Rin and surprise everyone on how fast she smile like nothing happen while saying, “We should hurry as Sakurai-sensei already wait for us. We need to have discussion about our task for upcoming friendly match.”

                Rin just nods and Karina still manage to scare the girls, “I hope you won’t appear at the field as I afraid I will create bloodbath there.”

                They walk together to field where the practice already begin and meet up with Sakurai. They just discuss like nothing happen before the girls reach there. Karina write down what that sensei tells her about the task and things that need to be sure. Rin can’t focus on the discussion as she keep notice Ryosuke watch over them when get the chance.


                “Does the manager task create any problem?” Ryosuke ask her while they walk back home. Karina already disappear as soon the practice end as she has to make stop somewhere.

                Rin remember about what happen before this but manage to say, “No, it just I never become manager before and join any club.”

                “Why you’re not in any club?” Ryosuke really curious about that.

                “There are no club that interest me.” Say Rin. They pass by a shop and surprise to see Karina in a shop with a little boy. They could see how she helps the boys to choose or take something from racks.

                “She already has a son?” Rin ask Ryosuke but that guy also surprise to hear it.

                Karina notice both of them when that little boy tell her that there are two people watch them. She also surprise to see them but manage to ask, “What are both of you doing here?”

                “We’re on the way back home. Is he your son?” Rin couldn’t hide her shock anymore.

                Karina giggles before says, “No, he is my neighbour’s son. His mom come back late and I fetch him from kindergarten. We make stop here as I need to buy ingredient for dinner. Both of you should have dinner with us again. Minato-kun will be really happy, right?”

                The little boy really happy to hear that and says, “Of course I’m happy. Food always taste delicious when eat with everyone.”


                Keito also happy when see Minato reach home with everyone, “Minato-kun, you’re here again.”

                “Yes! Can we play again?” Minato jumps into Keito’s arm. The other two can see it more as older siblings than a parent.

                “What you want to eat tonight? Nee-chan will prepare for you, whatever you want.” Say Karina as she wear apron as she realize it almost near to dinner time.

                Minato happily reply, “I want omu-rice from nee-chan and miso soup!”

                Ryosuke say something that bring surprise to everyone, “Let me prepare the miso soup.”

                Rin surprise to watch how skilful Ryosuke to prepare meal without even disturb Karina’s cooking at the kitchen while Keito join Minato to clean himself. She says, “Wow! I never know you can cook.”

                “I always cook when I live alone and sometimes, cook here. I just enjoy cooking.” Say Ryosuke while chopping ingredients.

                Karina says, “Actually, his cooking skills way better than me as I can only make simple dish.”

                “Does that boy always come here?” Ryosuke to change the topic as he always prepare dishes based on recipes that their mom left for them.

                “Usually, he comes during weekends but today her mom finish works late. His mom really treat us like her own children and we always enjoy spending time with them.” Say Karina.

                Suddenly, Rin feel someone hugs her leg and it is Minato. He says, “Mama works really hard to raise me up alone and I will always do my best to make her happy. That’s why I love my mama so much.”

                “You’re really lucky. I really jealous with you as I can’t never say that proudly.” Say Rin while pat the little boy’s head.

                Ryosuke laughs to see Keito join them at kitchen while looking really drenched. He says, “You only help little boy take a bath while you look like just face heavy rain.”

                “You should try to do it once. It’s not that easy.” Say Keito. He goes to his room to change into dry clothes after Karina push him out.


                “Nii-chan’s miso soup really tasty. I want to learn to do it for my mom.” Say Minato happily while they’re in middle of dinner.

                Ryosuke say in smiles that he will teach when the time comes. His smiles really make Rin feels something within her but she doesn’t what is it and she can’t ask it. Minato get attach with Ryosuke as that little boy keep staying at his side while doing many things.

                Even when Ryosuke want to go back home, Minato says, “Nii-chan, can you just stay here? I want to play more with you.”

                Karina want to say something but Rin already cut-in, “He has big match tomorrow and he really need good rest tonight.”

                “What nii-chan will do tomorrow?” ask Minato.

                Ryosuke proudly says, “I will play soccer and bring victory to everyone.” Minato accept it with teary eyes but he manage to make promise that they will meet and play again with everyone.


                Rin compliment him while both of them walking back home, “You really good with kids.”

                “I always yearn younger siblings especially little brother but you know about my family’s condition, right? That’s why when I get chance, I will treasure the moment.” say Ryosuke while they go through usual route.

                While they walk, Rin shock when Ryosuke take hold of her hand and says, “Your hand really warm and gentle.”

                “Even my hand is warm, my heart is not warm. I will only scare people with my own words.” Say Rin.

                “That happen because you want to protect yourself. It’s okay if you want to be yourself in front of me. I will keep it as secret and it would be really great as we keep our secrets from each other.” say Ryosuke.

                Rin says, “But your secret will know by Karina-chan because she is your twin sister.”

                “Are you jealous with my twin sister?” ask Ryosuke that catch Rin off-guard.

                Rin quickly says, “No!”

                Ryosuke reveal his true feeling just before they reach Rin’s house, “I like you as you have something that no one have and… I want to make you as my lover?”

                “Why me? Not any of your fan girls?” ask Rin.

                Ryosuke can only give short reply as they already in front of gate to Rin’s house, “Because I don’t want to see you with other guy and you won’t get kill by my sister. I will wait the answer.” With that, he just bid goodbye to her.

                Rin couldn’t sleep that night because think about that matter. She keep asking herself if she has feeling towards that boy. She admits that she really impress with that guy and always watch him. That make her mind really in mess at that moment.


                “Nee-chan, you look like kuma.” Say Minato when meet up with Rin at the field. It turn out that that little boy is staying with the couple for the night and really want to watch the match. He also help her to make preparation.

                “I just can’t sleep last night.” Reply Rin while arrange drinks.

                Since little kids always honest with their thinking and make Karina surprise to hear from him, “Does Ryosuke nii-chan confess his love to you?”

                “EH?! Is that true?” Karina ask her in surprise.

                Rin’s face slightly blush when hear that, “Minato-kun, what make you say something like that? Do you know what is mean by confess?”

                “Of course I know. My mom said that when someone like someone, the person has to confess the feeling.” Say Minato.

                “You better don’t lie to little boy as kids learn from observation.” Say Karina to trap that girl.

                Rin choose the best words to give the reply, “He already confess to me but I haven’t give any reply to him yet. I’m confuse with my own feeling as everything happen just too fast for me to digest.”

                “I’m sure nii-chan choose you because you’re great girl for her.” Say Minato that clear up mess in Rin’s mind. She knows that she get the right answer for him.

                The match stop as the first half already end and they give drinks to the player. Rin pass drink to Ryosuke and whisper, “I will accept your confession when you win the match.”

                “Of course I will win the match and also show to everyone that you’re my lover.” Say Ryosuke happily but Rin manage to shut his mouth to avoid any unwanted attention. He just continue watch Rin does her task without any distraction.

                When the match re-begin, Rin’s eyes only focus on Ryosuke who keep showing his skill on controlling the ball. She can’t change her focus even she knows she has to do her task. She even doesn’t realize Karina keep giggling looking at her.

                Sakurai just says to Karina while his eyes focus on match, “Kuzuryu, I think we need to talk about the manager position as the agreement said you only help my team for this week. After that, soccer team still need a manager.”

                “Oh! About that, I have someone in my mind that would suit the position but I’m sure you want to focus on the match first, right?” Karina say that before excuse herself as she has to send Minato to Keito who sit at audiences’ seats. That little boy seem already tired but she can’t leave the game yet.

                The game end with Ryosuke make the winning goal in nick of time. Everyone really surprise as no one ever guess that he could score the goal and just run to Rin to give kiss on her lips. Rin couldn’t give any response as she really surprise with that kiss. It last for a minute that come along with cheers from everyone; cheer for their school winning and also born of new couple.

                “Both of you should spend time together!” Karina happily shout to the new couple when everyone is getting ready to celebrate the winning at a place.

                “But what about others?” Ryosuke seem really worry just leave everyone.

                Sakurai pat his shoulder and say something that make everyone gasps, “That’s okay. You should go to enjoy your youth time.”

                “Sakurai-sensei, is that really you?” ask Kento.

                Fuma says, “No, I don’t think so as the one we used to know won’t say anything like that. It must be an alien who pose as Sakurai-sensei.” Sakurai annoy to hear that and pull those two ears while leave the room that bring laughter to everyone.

                Karina say to the couple after everyone left, “Just enjoy the moment together before you get ‘attack’ by his fans again.”

                “She really random.” Comment Ryosuke and Rin nods with it.


                Rin and Ryosuke walk together without know where they should go at the moment. He come out an idea to make stop at a café as both of them really need a place to relax first. They make order before Rin asks, “Why it have to be me?”

                “You still curious about that?” Rin nods, “You should be happy when I confess to you and just admit that you already fall for me since long time ago.”

                Rin speechless to hear that as she never let anyone know about that even to her best friend. She looks around to calm down but Ryosuke’s gentle hold snap her back to earth. Ryosuke says, “I know about that and sure your feeling is genuine.”

                After the café, Ryosuke bring her to a place where they can have their own sweet time and spend it in romantic way. Author-san can’t say anything as it will cause trouble later, just use your imagination on what happen next, okay? Abayo!


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