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Cast: Okamoto Keito X Karina, Rin, etc...

Summary: Rin is baby of Keito and Karina. She know what happen around her~~ (I'm suck with this)

               Every married couple always wish for a child to complete their life. Karina and Keito already married for a while and everything change when doctor announce something to them. Keito only think his wife just eat too much as he knows his wife really like eating, “Omedettou, your wife is pregnant.”

               That really give ray of hope at the couple’s face. Keito feel really happy with that news and hug his wife, “We will become parent soon.”

               Many preparation being made by Keito for Karina and even don’t let her to do any work. She begin feel uncomfortable with his attitude and says, “I’m just pregnant, not some chronic diseases.”

               “Watch your words. I don’t want my daughter will say nonsense things.” Remind Keito.

               “How would you know it is a girl?” ask Karina.

               “I want a girl.” Reply Keito. Karina smiles, “If it became true, it seem she will become papa’s girl. I need to be careful for it.”


               Years and years pass-by and the baby almost reach 2 years old. Her birth make everyone happy and being named with Rin. Keito walk into the kitchen and give morning kiss to Rin, “Morning to my girl.”

               Rin smiles happily to greet her papa and give him her breakfast. Karina who still in apron and preparing breakfast, says, “Rin-chan, stop give your breakfast to your papa. Keito, you should stop just accept whatever she give you.”

               Keito pout and begin talk in baby-words, “Mama swold us towday. Mama is meanie.”

               Karina serve a plate filled with toast on table and pour coffee for Keito. She prepare toast, ham-egg and some salad for breakfast. Keito just take his seat before enjoy his portion. Karina helps Rin to eat her breakfast while saying, “Keito-kun, I’m thinking to make some shopping today and I will bring Rin-chan along.”

               “Shopping? I will go with both of you as I don’t have work today.” Say Keito. He is famous idol that has appear in TV and magazine but always make sure has time with his family.

               Karina smiles, “Really? Yatta ne, Rin-chan.” She remember something, “Eh?! But you should have work today, right? Based on what you told me few days ago.”

               “Yeah but it being cancel last minute because of some technical problem. We will do it at other date.” Reply Keito.

               “Yokatta ne. Papa will help us to bring whatever we buy today.” Say Karina happily.

               “Wait! Wait! What do you want to buy?” Keito begin worry about it. When hear about both of their parents want to come, he says, “you can’t bring everything while holding Rin-chan ne~!’

               “Pa-pa…” Rin manage say that one word that make Keito says, “I will do anything for my princess.”

               “You really spoil her a lot.” Pout Karina.

               Keito pull her into kiss before says, “I also spoil you a lot. Don’t get jealous over our own baby.” Rin happily claps her tiny hands to watch her parent’s interaction.


               They ride Keito’s car and Rin really happy as she’s wearing her favourite Pikachu coat that come with tiny tail and antenna. Karina can’t stop take her daughter’s pictures using her phone. Keito only smiles to watch it through the mirror.

               Both of them goes to supermarket to buy what they have to buy and Rin’s eyes sparkle when notice a snack that printed Pokémon on it. She want to reach it from the trolley but Keito already push the trolley away from the rack that make she pouts. Karina lightly slap her husband’s shoulder and says, “Hora! You make her sad.”

               “What did I do?” Keito doesn’t know what actually happen.

               Karina walk to the rack and take the snack box that caught her daughter’s interest. She give to her daughter while saying, “You really want this deshou~! This snack has Pikachu on it.”

               “We already buy too much snacks for her. It won’t be good for her health. She’s still growing.” Say Keito.

               Karina hugs her husband’s hand to tell him, “I know you worry about it but you know I will always make sure she eat in right diet.”

               “I believe you since I know you’re health nut despite sweet tooth.” Say Keito while pinch Karina’s nose. Rin watches them and begin reach out her hand towards her parent after throw away the snack box.

               Karina just cuddle her while asking, “You bored to stay in trolley or jealous with us?”

               Rin only smiles before put her head on her mom’s shoulder. Karina gently pats her back while saying, “You already sleepy?”

               “We should finish shopping early and make stop somewhere to relax.” Say Keito. He check things in trolley to see they already get everything that they need and go to cashier. He ask Karina to take seat at bench just outside from the shopping area for her to relax while give comfortable place for their baby.

               The cashier who look like Keito’s fan, blush to see him and notice others before says, “Shopping with your family?”

               “Yeah, I can’t let my wife to do it alone while take care of our baby.” Reply Keito happily. He never shy to admit he’s happy with his current life. It quite chaos when he suddenly announce to public that he will get marry to a normal girl. He knows that would happen and already plan it in secret carefully with help of many people that he trust.

               The cashier manage to say before he leave there, “I wish you always happy with your family.”

               “Thank you.” Keito really appreciate to hear it as he knows it is hard for many people to accept his decision and his wife almost never leave the house because too scared at the beginning.

               He smiles to see his wife that half-asleep and his daughter who already deep sleep. He knows his little princess always make his wife stay awake at late of night but he knows his wife would do anything. He walks towards them and gently shake Karina’s body, “Want to return straight to home or continue make our plan to make stop at café?”

               Karina tries to think which one to choose but notice Rin already awake that make her says, “We just continue our plan since I’m sure Rin-chan really want her pudding by now.”

               “Papa… p-pudding…” mutter Rin half-awake. The couple just smile and walk to their car.


               Rin enjoy her pudding and make a bit mess on the table and her face. Karina gently wipe it off while ask, “You like your pudding?”

               Rin show her smiles before dig back her pudding. Keito says, “It seem your habit while pregnant her will stick at her. You eat a lot of pudding at that time, right?”

               “I just love the taste and it also has nice texture.” Say Karina.

               Rin suddenly offer her pudding that on the spoon to Keito and he happily accept it. Keito says, “My girl really cute ne~!” he remember something and asks, “What time my papa and your parent arrive?”

               “They arrive this evening. My parent will make phone call when they reach here and they plan to stay overnight before visit my sister and her family.” Say Karina. Suddenly, her get phone call that make she leave the table for a while. When she return back, she says, “They just arrive but will make stop at my brother’s house first.”

               “You parent plan visit all of your siblings in one day?” ask Keito.

               Karina nods, “They want to send souvenirs that they bought when go for vacation. It seem we will watch our dads fight over Rin-chan again.”

               “Rin-chan really lucky ne~! Being spoil with almost everyone.” Say Keito while ruffles Rin’s hair. That girl just smiles as she really like her papa does that to her.


               What Karina and Keito predict come true when their parents reach at the house. Karina and her mom, Akira is at kitchen, prepare meal for everyone while Keito has to watch argument between his dad, Kenichi and Karina’s dad, Junta over Rin. Junta show a Pikachu plushies to get Rin’s attention but Kenichi also show the same plushies.

               Rin confuse on which one to choose. Junta says, “This oji-chan bought for you because you’re my youngest grandchild.”

               “I order this just for my first grandchild.” Say Kenichi.

               “Order? It look same with mine.” Say Junta.

               “Hey! It has Rin-chan’s name on it.” Say Kenichi.

               Junta show plushies that he bought, “This also have it.”

               “What do you mean by my youngest ‘grandchild’? Soon, someone will take over that tittle when Karina get another child.” Say Kenichi.

               Rin slowly move towards her papa when watch her grandparents begin fight over who should give the plushies to her. Keito cuddle her and says, “Let’s check mama and you oba-chan ne~!”

               They go to kitchen and notice they already finish prepare meal. Keito says, “It really hard to stop papa and oyaji.”

               “Both of them always like that.” Say Akira.

               Karina says, “They should learn to slow down a bit or Rin-chan would be afraid with them.”

               Rin literally jump to Karina’s hug when notice her mama hold something in her hand. Karina notice it and says, “No! This is my ichigo!”

               “Want…” mutter Rin. Looking at her cute face, Karina surrender and feed Rin a bit of strawberry before make weird face as it taste sour. Karina says, “See? That’s why I don’t want to give it to you.”

               “But it was you who feed her.” Say Keito.

               “Karina, you shouldn’t just feed her. She may choke the food.” Scold Akira.

               “But ofukuro… she already eat like normal human being.” Whine Karina.

               “It would be hard for you, Keito. Have childish wife with childish baby.” Say Akira that only make Karina seem like want to cry more while Rin just claps her hands happily.


               “Mou~! Oyaji, I already remind you to slow down a bit.” Remind Karina when Junta whine to her on what Kenichi did to him.

               Keito turn to Kenichi, “Papa, you always remind me not to argue over silly thing. Yet, you’re the one that doing it.”

               “I just want to play with my grandchild.” Whine Kenichi.

               “Me too.” Say Junta. For some reason, he has to agree with Kenichi.

               Karina check on Rin who enjoy her meal before says, “Both of you will only scared her and don’t blame us if she avoid both of you when she’s grown up.”

               “Karina-chan, your words really stab my guts. I’m your oyaji deshou.” Say Junta with a pout that doesn’t suit his age at all.

               Keito surprise when hear Karina says, “It was you who tell that to me when I take care of nee-chan’s kids before. Thanks to your late advice, they really scared of me by now.”

               “Wow, I never know you could say something like that.” Comment Keito that bring laughter to everyone. When being ask why, he replies, “You rarely use that mature tone. You always like jumping rabbit and way more childish than Rin-chan.”

               After eat, Rin pulls Kenichi and Junta to join her at her play mat. She even give each of her grandfather one Pokémon plushies before play with them. The tense atmosphere evaporates before turn into a warmth, family vibe. Keito seem can’t let go the moment, keep taking pictures using his camera in silent mode.

               “Both of you just the same.” Comment Akira while serve tea.

               “We just love to capture her smile. She’s my little princess.” Say Keito. He notice Karina is not around and asks, “Where is she?”

               “She tells me that she need to clean up the room a bit.” Say Akira.

                Keito excuses himself to check Karina in guest room to see she carries futons. He quickly take over it before says, “I already tell you that this task is mine. You always do it by yourself.”

               “You just to engross with your camera just now. We should prepare both room for your papa and my parent.” Say Karina.

               “Papa told me that he will return to his house tonight as he has work tomorrow.” Say Keito. Both of them prepare the room and when they almost finish, Rin appear while drag her Pikachu.

               Karina notice something and asks, “Already sleepy?”

               Rin rubs her eyes to show her already sleepy. Karina get near her before say, “If you want to sleep, we need to clean you up first. You can sleep with clean body, deshou~!”

               “Just leave this to me.” Say Keito. Karina nods and cuddle Rin to bring her to bathroom to clean up before go to sleep.


               “Where Karina-chan and Rin-chan?” ask Junta when Keito return to living room alone.

               Keito take seat, “Oh! Both of them clean themselves before Karina-chan bring Rin-chan to sleep. She already sleepy after play with her grandfathers.”

               “She’s just too kawaii that make anyone would fight to get her attention.” Say Junta. Akira already excuse herself to rest that leave both guy at living room.

               Junta suddenly asks, “Do you have any trouble with your current life?”

               Keito surprise to hear it and his father in-law adds, “You know how I really object your marriage because you’re an idol but I just agree with it because I know you can make my daughter happy. Don’t think I already let you do whatever to her because you already get Rin-chan. There are still chance for me to object back your marriage.”

               Keito gulp with those words. He knows his father in-law really scary because he is ex-fighter. He tries to convince that guy, “I will do anything to ensure everything is good for us.”

               A force suddenly rush to Junta and it is Rin. It seem that girl hear everything and somehow could get what happen as she give puppy innocent look to him with message, ‘don’t separate my parent.’ That make Junta hugs her while saying, “Don’t worry! I won’t do anything that make you ate me!”

               “Rin-chan, give oji-chan and papa goodnight kiss.” Say Karina. Rin jump a bit to kiss Junta’s cheek before give one to Keito before run back to her mom. Before leave, Karina manage to say, “Oyaji, you better careful with your words. Rin-chan may can’t give proper response but she could understand it.”

               “How could 2 years old baby could understand it?” ask Junta and Keito just shrug his shoulder as he doesn’t know how to reply that.


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